Lethargic Lad Real name: Larry Ladhands

Base of Operations: The Lad-Cave, deep below stately Ladhands Manor, Infantino City

Group affiliation: None, but usually in company of the "Four Other Lethargic Lads." Former partner of Mr. West and original member of Jerry's Kids.

Allies: Little Green Boy, The Lad of Steel, The Lad of Tomorrow, Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad, Lethargic Lass, Guy-With-A-Gun, Him, The No-Mutants, Walrus-Boy, The Grad.

Arch-enemies: Mr. Mimico, The Evil Similey Face Guy, Evil Girl, Part-Time-Lethargic-Lad-Revenge-Squad, Mr. Cheese, Kitty Cat Guy, Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad.

Origin: Lethargic Lad was born an extremely lethargic baby, who was immediately put in an orphanage. The young lethargic baby was adopted by Herman and Lilly Ladhands. As Larry Ladhands grew older, he was bombarded by cosmic rays,caught in a gamma bomb explosion, bitten by a radioactive spider, forced to flee Boneville, and found a magical uru hammer. Later he drank orange juice, watched 'Blue Velvet' repeatedly, and listened to Patsy Cline records. Soon he became the crime fighting sidekick of Mr. West. As his sidekick, Lethargic Lad was joined by Little Green Boy, Walrus-Boy, Lay-Z-Boy and Aqua-Bee as a member of Jerry's Kids, a superhero team created by Mr. West. Jerry's Kids soon disbanded and after Mr. West's tragic death at the hands of the Evil Similey Face Guy, Larry Ladhands decided to follow in his mentor's footsteps, to become Lethargic Lad, the world's greatest superhero.

Powers: Lethargic Lad has all the amazing powers that his incredible lethargy brings him.

Equipment: Ladmobile, Lad-Wing, Lad-Computer, Lad-A-Rang, and a vast collection of crime fighting equipment, vehicles and robots that can be called upon as needed.

First Appearance: LETHARGiC COMICS, WEAKLY #1 (June 1991)