Star Spangled War Stories #126

May 1966 DC Comics

Cover: "You Can't Pin a Medal on a Gorilla!" Featuring the only non-com who escaped from a zoo to join the Marines-- Sgt. Gorilla!

Cover Artist: Joe Kubert.

You Can't Pin a Medal on a Gorilla!

Writer: Possibly Robert Kanigher.
Artist: Joe Kubert.

This story has to be a high point in Joe Kubert's career! Charlie, the gorilla, is trained to entertain troops in the South Pacific during WWII, but what he really wants to do is join his trainer, Pinky Donovan, and be a Marine! And that he does. After proving himself useful in combat, he helps take out an enemy gun post, and saves the day.

This comic has everything that Saving Private Ryan was missing: a Gorilla!

I don't know about you, but this panel sure makes me proud to be an American (even though I'm a Canadian)!

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