Detective Comics #339

May 1965 DC Comics
Cover: Batman lifts a gorilla over his head. It doesn't get better than this!

Cover Artist: Carmine Infantino.

Batman Battles the Living Beast-Bomb

Writer: Gardner Fox.
Artist: Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella.

In one of those "science experiments gone wrong," geeky Walter Hewitt gains the strength of a gorilla, but is also telepathically controlled by the same gorilla to... commit crimes! Batman fights Hewitt, while Karmak the evil gorilla decides he can fight Batman better himself. In their first fight, Karmak wins easily. "That gorilla made a monkey out of me!" thinks Batman as he "staggers" home. Later, Karmak straps bombs to his body. Batman discovers that the bombs will not detonate if Karmak is kept from touching the ground. So, naturally, Batman hoists the gorilla over his head to save Gotham City. "I wish I could help!" thinks Robin, as he watches helplessly. Batman holds the gorilla over his head for what must be hours (at least long enough for it to get dark!), and finally collapses, but it's okay -- the bomb defused itself on its own. Later, Hewitt is offered a teaching job by Batman (on behalf of his "friend" Bruce Wayne) and Karmak is returned to the jungle, "to a happier, more normal life."

I can only hope that the fifth Batman movie is based on this comic.

NOTE: Notice that the gorilla's left hand is backwards!

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